Allingham Convention 2019: day three

The final day of the Convention began with a presentation by Catherine Cooke on Post-War Domestic Economy – or how to live on 1/6 a week, a subject close to Margery’s heart as she managed her household during and after the Second World War.

PostWar Domestic Econony

Mike Ripley, author of (amongst many other works) the Campion continuation novels, then gave an entertaining talk on Pirates, Gunmen, Puzzlers and Stout Fellows: Margery Allingham’s attitude to the thriller. Indeed, Margery herself blurred her own categorisations in many of the Campion novels mixing the puzzle element with the thriller in several novels.

The final session of the convention, Prequel and Sequel was presented by Julia Jones who has published a biography of Margery’s father Herbert Allingham – the prequel element – and Margery’s final non-fiction work, not published in her lifetime, The Relay – the sequel element. Julia covered the Allingham family story from the Victorian generations through to the end of Margery’s life.

Prequel & Sequel

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