The Society was founded in 1988 to celebrate the life and works of Margery Allingham, one of the four great ‘Queens of Crime’ from the Golden Age of Detective Fiction.

The aim of the Society is to bring together all those who share an interest in preserving, promoting and enjoying Margery Allingham’s literary work and reputation through meetings, social events, publishing and by continuing research into her life and writings.

The Society meets regularly in London and elsewhere. It organises meetings with expert speakers to discuss aspects of the novels and related topics and holds an Annual General Meeting, followed by a Birthday Luncheon, as near as practical to 20th May, the birthday of both Margery Allingham and her great detective creation, Albert Campion.

Members receive the Society’s twice-yearly journal The Bottle Street Gazette, which contains scholarly, speculative and frivolous articles. The journal takes its name from the London address of Allingham’s detective, Albert Campion, who lived in a flat at 17a Bottle Street, above a police station, jokingly referred to by Campion’s valet as the “Aphrodite Glueworks”. A newsletter, From the Glueworks, appears at regular intervals with news of the Society and details of events.