Zoom into your favourite Campion tale

Do you want to join the hunt for The Tiger in the Smoke? Will you make More Work For The Undertaker? Are you going to be with the Police At The Funeral?

The Society is offering you the chance to tell everyone about the Campion tale – it can be a novel or a short story – that you would most like to take part in.

On January 30th at 7:30pm the Society will be hosting a Zoom Meeting where members can describe why they would want to take part in one of Margery’s tales of ALbert Campion. You have three minutes to tell everybody which story you would like to take part in, why you chose that one, what role you would like to take on, what you would do (would you do things differently than Albert does – be prepared to justify yourself to everybody else if so!), how would you take party in the climax of the story?

You will have three minutes to persuade everybody that you should be allowed to take part in your favourite tale.

To take part contact events@margeryallingham.org.uk, saying which book or story title you would like to talk about, and you will receive a personal invitation to this unique online gathering of the Society.

And for those who would rather simply listen to hear which tales other members would most like to take part in then simply contact events@margeryallingham.org.uk and say you would like to join as a listener only.

Everyone who takes part, including those who join as listeners, will be able to ask questions and make comments during the meeting and join in the general chat about Albert and his adventures if they want to do so.

If you have never taken part in a Zoom meeting before, don’t worry, it is really easy. All you have to do is email events@margeryallingham.org.uk to get your email invitation. Then, just before 7:30 on 30th January, click on the link in the invitation to join the fun.

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