Christmas Lunch

Christmas, notoriously, arrives earlier every year. In the case of the Margery Allingham Society it arrived, in the shape of the Society’s Christmas Lunch fully a month ahead of the usual schedule. In spite, or perhaps because, of this being for everyone their first Christmas lunch of the year the novelty had not yet begun to pall and the conversation ranged far and wide.

 Topics included an article in this morning’s Daily Mail about the Duke of Edinburgh’s Stag Night that included a photograph which may, or may not, have featured Margery’s husband, Pip Youngman Carter. The Society’s own Barry Pike was consulted but was unable to give a positive identification though he was able to confirm that Pip was present. There was also speculation that a novel, set in Essex in the Middle Ages, published under the name of another, little-read author, may actually have been written by Margery. 

The event was thoroughly enjoyable, if only to catch up with friends before the festive season gets into full swing, and was made all the more special when Barry produced a portrait of the young Margery, painted by her uncle, for everyone to admire.

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