Alliance of Literary Societies Weekend

On joining the ALS recently, The Margery Allingham Society has ousted the Jane Austen Society from the ALS’s proud proclamation that it represents literature lovers from Austen to Zola. We await the updated slogan with eager anticipation.

It is therefore appropriate that a number of representatives of The Margery Allingham Society will be attending the Alliance of Literary Societies Weekend in Edinburgh over the coming days. The event is taking place in Edinburgh at the Craiglockhart Campus of Napier University and is hosted by the Siegfried Sassoon Fellowship and the Wilfred Owen Association, to mark the centenary of the meeting of the two poets.

Talks include Professor Alistair McCleery on “The First World War and the Scottish Novel” and Dr Hazel Hutchison on “Whistling Over The Fields: Soundscapes of War”.

Delegates will have a chance to visit the War Poets Collection and meet curator Dr Catherine Walker.

There will also be a visit to the Outlook Tower/Camera Obscura and a reception in the Great Hall of Edinburgh Castle to which I am looking forward particularly.


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