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The Bottle Street Gazette

Bottle Street Gazette

Members receive the Society's twice-yearly journal The Bottle Street Gazette, edited by Barry Pike, a founder and Chairman of the Society, which contains scholarly, speculative and frivolous articles, as well as reminiscences from friends of Margery Allingham and Philip Youngman Carter. The journal takes its name from the London address of Allingham's detective, Albert Campion, who lived in a flat at 17a Bottle Street, above a police station. Back issues are available from the Society. Full details here.

From the Glueworks

An ad hoc newsletter - From the Glueworks - produced whenever there is news to impart supplies members with news and details of Society events. The title refers to a joke by Campion's manservant, Lugg, who answers his phone with the words "Aphrodite Glueworks," much to the bafflement of callers. Latest issue here.

Mr. Lugg: A Celebration.

Magersfontein Lugg: A Celebration

A 36 page booklet containing the text from the March 2009 event celebrating Mr. Lugg's finest moments, augmented by extracts from books not included in the programme. Available from the Society.

A Bottle Street Miscellany

A Bottle Street Miscellany

Produced by Pam Bruxner to mark the 20th Anniversary of the founding of the Society, A Bottle Street Miscellany, contains a selection of articles from the early years of the Bottle Street Gazette. Available from the Society. Full details here.

Margery Allingham: 100 Years of a Great Mystery Writer

Dustjacket of "Margery Allingham: 100 Years of A Great Mystery Writer"

A celebratory collection of essays in appreciation of the writer containing contributions from distinguished crime writers and scholars including Catherine Aird, Robert Barnard, Richard Cheffins, Catherine Cooke, Natasha Cooper, Martin Edwards, Nicholas Fuller, Roger Johnson, Julia Jones (Thorogood), H.R.F. Keating, Margaret Kinsman, Stephen Leadbeatter, Oriel Malet, Jessica Mann, Tony Medawar, Sara Paretsky, Geraldine Perriam, Susan Peters, B.A. Pike, Shirley Purves, B.J. Rahn, Susan Rowland, Jennifer Schofield, Michelle Spring, John Sweetman, Frank Swinnerton, Andrew Taylor, June Thomson, Marianne van Hoeven and Margaret Yorke.
Published by Lucas Books of Thorndon, Suffolk at 12.99 (ISBN 190379735). Copies are available from the Society. Full details here.

The Albert Memorial

The Albert Memorial

The Society marked Albert Campion's 100th birthday by publishing an illustrated 72-page collection of essays and stories - The Albert Memorial. Contents include 'A Comparison of the Careers and Characters of Mr Albert Campion and Lord Peter Wimsey', by Geraldine Perriam; 'Campion Country' by Richard H.A. Cheffins; 'My Advice to Mr Campion' by Sherlock Holmes, edited by Matthew Coniam; '"Mr Campion: Criminologist"' - a look at a rare collection, by B.A. Pike; 'Albert Campion: Some Critics and Chroniclers' by Marianne van Hoeven; 'Oh! K-! Thoughts on Mr Campion and His Family' by Roger Johnson; 'Railways (and other Transport) in the Detective Fiction of Margery Allingham' by Philip L. Scowcroft; plus two new Campion stories by Susan Rowland and Spencer Lodge, and contributions by Julia Thorogood, H.R.F. Keating, Catherine Aird, William A.S. Sarjeant and Marielle Cleary. Available from the Society - Full details here.


All these publications are available from the Society. See Currently Available for details.

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