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No.30 - June 2012

Running costs for the Society have increased steadily of late, particularly with the substantial leap in postal charges.
Accordingly, it has become necessary to increase our subscription. The matter was discussed at our recent A.G.M. and it was unanimously agreed that we should acknowledge the need for extra income and raise the subscription to 20. This will bring us into line with other literary societies, who are likewise having to make adjustments to ensure greater revenue. We appreciate that this is a considerable increase and we regret it, of course; but we hope you will stay with us and help to keep the work of the Society going. The increase will take effect from next year.
Two new members of the committee have recently joined the strength: Ann Doubleday and Sue Jeeves. The full committee now consists of: Barry Pike, Chairman; Jo Hesslewood, Secretary; Lesley Simpson, Membership Secretary and Webmistress; Mary Anderson, Treasurer; and Catherine Cooke, Diane Cullen, Ann Doubleday and Sue Jeeves, Ann and Sue are very welcome and we wish them well.
Future Programme
We shall not meet during the summer because of the Queen's Jubilee and the Olympic Games. Our next formal event will be a talk by Miranda Goodby on Staffordshire china of the 19th century, with particular reference to the murder cottages series in which Thyrza Caleb figures. The China Governess was first published in 1962 by Doubleday, and the British edition followed from Chatto & Windus in 1963, so that it is celebrating its fiftieth birthday this year. Miranda Goodby is a curator at the Potteries Museum in Stoke-on-Trent and an expert in the field. it should be a rewarding occasion do come if you can. The date is 6th October next and the venue the Church Street Library in London, where we had the excellent talk on Traitor's Purse by Professor Shelley Channon.
On Saturday 24th November we shall meet in London for an informal pre-Christmas lunch. Keep the date free and we'll let you know the details later.
WNext year's programme is already beginning to take shape. Julia Jones will be publishing her book about Margery's father, Herbert Allingham and his adventures in 'the fiction factory' as a writer of stories and serials for popular magazines. She has generously agreed to create from the book an event for the Essex Book Festival. Despite our disappointment this year, we hope to make sure of our place in next year's festival. This will be in March next year.
In May we shall meet for our A.G.M. and to celebrate Margery's 109th birthday and Albert's 113th. We have in mind a possible speaker and shall make the necessary approaches shortly.
Pam Bruxner
The Society has made a donation to Glyndebourne Opera in Pam Bruxner's memory. Pam was a regular visitor to Glyndebourne over many years.
Tom Carter
We have learned of the recent death of Tom Carter, the son of Pip Youngman Carter and Nancy Spain, about whom Julia Jones writes with great sympathy in The Adventures Of Margery Allingham, the revised version of her biography of Margery Allingham, issued by Golden Duck in 2009. He was guest of honour at the launch party for the book. A photograph taken on that occasion showed that he closely resembled his father. In 'The Bottle Street Gazette' for Autumn 2009, he wrote about his father's editorship of 'Soldier' magazine. Julia will remember him in the next issue of our journal.
Biography of Albert Campion
The material for the biography of Albert has been assembled and is overdue for processing (Nero Wolfe would say 'Process is not a verb' but 1 couldn't think of an alternative.) Our expected co-ordinator has had to withdraw because of pressure of work, but we are hopeful that we may have found another.
Bottle Street Gazette
The recent death of Pam Bruxner has left us without a compositor / desk-top publisher for the journal. I and the other contributors used to send our contributions to her and she would arrange it all to make the pages that accumulated to form the magazine. Lesley has prepared the current issue and, if pushed, will organise the Autumn one, but that's as far as she is able to go. Accordingly, we need a coordinator / compositor for the 'Gazette'. Lesley will advise and please get in touch with her if you are willing to consider taking it on.
We still need an Events Secretary, someone to do the necessary reconnaissance for a new venue or to find a decent eating-place in a neighbourhood. This is really a co-ordinating post there are several of us who get involved with the organisation of events, but it really does need someone to check that all the tasks have been allocated and are being done. Please get in touch with Jo if you might be interested to help in this department.
London Walk
The Society has undertaken to conduct a party of American visitors round that part of London relating to The Tiger In The Smoke, which is sixty this year. Jennifer Palmer has gamely agreed to take this on, with the help of Roger Johnson, who will supply the topographical data. This will be a private event for the group concerned, but we shall stage our own version - a year late! next year. I blame the Olympics.
Chairman Hon. Secretary Membership Secretary
Barry Pike Jo Hesslewood Lesley Simpson
42 Scarborough Road Flat 23 Corfton Lodge
Leytonstone Corfton Road
London London
E11 4AL W5 2HU
020 8556 5243 07913 664 605
  honsec (at) memsec (at)

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