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No.26 - February 2011

Forthcoming Events 2011
The programme for the coming year is now in place and the details are as follows:
  1. THURSDAY 24 MARCH at St Nicholas Primary School in Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Margery Allingham’s home village. As part of the Essex Book Festival, there will be a celebration of The Oaken Heart, which is seventy this year. Golden Duck’s new edition of the book, with much new material, will be on sale. Jennifer Palmer will talk about The Oaken Heart and there will be a dramatic performance by children of the school. There will also be contributions by Julia Jones and Seona Ford. Tickets cost £4 or £3 for concessions and the presentation will begin at 7.30 pm. The box office phone number is: 01206-573948 and the Festival website is: Seona also has tickets; telephone: 01376-515626, e-mail:
  2. SATURDAY 14 MAY at the University Women’s Club, 2 Audley Square, London W1K 1DB. We shall meet for our AGM in the morning and later celebrate the joint birthday of Margery Allingham and Albert Campion (her 107th, his 111th). Our guest at the birthday lunch will be Nicci Gerrard, author with her husband, Sean French, of a popular series of powerful modern thrillers. She wrote as foreword to The Adventures of Margery Allingham by Julia Jones (Golden Duck 2009) a warm appreciation of both author and subject. The AGM will begin at 11.15 am and the lunch will be served at 1 pm.
  3. SATURDAY 30 JULY at the Westminster City Library in Church Street, London NW8 3EU (off the Edgware Road). For the first time, we shall focus on Traitor’s Purse, the wartime novel in which Mr Campion has amnesia almost to the end. Professor Shelley Channon of University College London has generously agreed to give us an expert’s assessment of Albert’s amnesia. We shall meet for lunch with Professor Channon before moving to the Library for the talk.
  4. SATURDAY 10 SEPTEMBER at an Essex venue on the main railway line from Liverpool Street Station. To mark the tenth year since the death of Joyce Allingham, we celebrate her achievements as a film-maker and photographer. David Cleveland of the East Anglian Film Archive, will show Joyce’s films and talk about them. Of particular interest to the Society, no doubt, will be the one in which Margery Allingham is featured.
Please put all four dates in your diary and support us if you can. We are breaking new ground this year and it would be good to have a healthy attendance at all the events. Booking is open for The Oaken Heart at Tolleshunt D’Arcy. Please deal directly with the Essex Book Festival Booking Office or with Seona Ford. Booking details for other events will be sent in due course and in good time.
Richard Cheffins
It is sad to report that Richard Cheffins has died. He had been unwell for some time, suffering seriously from the consequences of advanced diabetes and it was from diabetes that he died. He will be much missed in the Society of which he was a valued member for many years. The Chairman has written to Richard’s sister on the Society’s behalf and Jo Hesslewood and Lesley Simpson represented us at his memorial service. The Society has made a donation to Diabetes UK in his memory. There will be a full obituary in the next issue of ‘The Bottle Street Gazette’.
The Committee
The Committee of the Society has undergone several changes, not least the recent loss of Richard Cheffins. Paula Cooze will stand down at the AGM in May, when Mary Anderson will formally take over from her as our Treasurer. Diane Cullen has recently joined us. Marianne van Hoeven may perhaps be termed a sleeping member of the Committee, since she is not longer able to attend meetings.
If any member would like to join the committee we should be pleased to welcome him or her. We meet twice a year, in February and September, usually on a Tuesday evening and hither to at the University Women’s Club (though that may not obtain after this year and we may find ourselves at the Concert Artistes Association in Bedford Street, Covent Garden). Specifically we would like someone to act as our Events Secretary, taking responsibility for the preliminary work of setting up the events. It would entail, say, finding a suitable restaurant or pub, enquiring about transport or assessing the suitability of a venue. It’s a practical role rather than an administrative one. Do, please, get in touch if you might be interested in/willing to take this on.
Albert Campion's Biography
The work of assembling the information for a biography of Mr Campion has gone very well with valuable contributions from a variety of members, to whom thanks are due and credit will be given. Indeed, we are now at the point where we must decide what to do with the information and how best to present it.
Ideally it should all be absorbed into a continuous narrative, as in any formal biography. As a first move towards achieving this, we are seeking potential writers who might share the task. Would you feel up to writing, say, a chapter on Albert’s family, or his marriage, or his friends, or his homes, or his cars, or his war? All the information on your chosen theme would be made available to you and it would be your job to assemble it as a segment of Albert’s life. Again, do, please, suggest yourself if you’d be interested to take part in what could be an absorbing and rewarding game.
Chairman Hon. Secretary Membership Secretary
Barry Pike Jo Hesslewood Lesley Simpson
42 Scarborough Road 28 Parkfield Avenue Flat 23 Corfton Lodge
Leytonstone Amersham Corfton Road
London Bucks London
E11 4AL HP6 6BE W5 2HU
020 8556 5243 01494 721012 020 8354 0332
  honsec (at) memsec (at)

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