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No.22 - August 2009

**TOP PRIORITY**: Visit to the Regent Street Polytechnic
It was expected that a tour of the Regent Street Polytechnic, now the University of Westminster, would form part of the day at the Poly planned for 24 October next. However, this has now proved impossible, owing to unexpectedly heavy demand on the building on that day. Accordingly, Plans B and C have been hastily assembled:
Plan B: there will be a tour of the Poly, led by the archivist Elaine Penn, at 11.30 am on Saturday 19 September next, as part of the University’s Open House weekend. Bookings should be made individually via: 020 7911 5120 – and please mention that you are a member of the Margery Allingham Society. Twenty places have been reserved pro tem. There is no charge for the tour.
If we can put this in place quickly and if, also, those who wish to attend are able to join the party I think we should go ahead this year. If not, we come to
Plan C: which is simply to go as a group during next year’s Open House.
The programme for the afternoon of 24 October 2009 is being put together. It will consist of readings/dramatic representations of early work by Margery Allingham, plays and/or monologues, together with reminiscences by Margery and Pip Carter of their time at the Poly. We shall meet for lunch at a nearby venue yet to be decided.
IMPORTANT: If you are interested in the proposal for 19 September and/or the programme on 24 October, please let Jo Hesslewood know by Friday 28 August (tel: 01494-721012/e-mail: Please do not book for 19 September until you have heard from us again. We need to know whether you prefer Plan B (for 19 September next) or Plan C (for next year), and also if you intend to be present on 24 October. Further information will be sent only to those who respond to this request.
Julia Jones at Henley
As part of the Henley Festival, the publisher Carmen Callil will interview Margery’s biographer, Julia Jones, on Saturday 3 October next. Lesley Simpson has the details if you are interested.
Esme Miskimmon at the Bishopsgate Institute
Esme Miskimmin of the University of Liverpool will talk on London in Detective Fiction from the Victorian era to the Golden Age at the Bishopsgate Institute near Liverpool Street on 10 November next, at 7.30 p.m. Tickets are available at £7 (£5 concessions) on 020-7392 9220 or via While there is no guarantee that Margery Allingham will figure largely in the talk, she should surely at least be a presence in it.
Albert Campion’s Biography
We now have 10 volunteers toiling at the cliff face, to whom we are very grateful, however we’d love more. Contact Jo Hesslewood for an information pack, and let her know which book(s) you would like to do.
For Sale
Mrs Bernice Harby has for sale 20 Penguin editions of Margery’s books. If you wish to know more, her address is: 3 Cutlers Lane, Stubbington, Fareham, Hants, PO14 2JN.
Copies of all back issues of the Bottle Street Gazette are available. Prices range from £2 to £5, depending on the number of pages. Postage is extra – a single issue to the UK is standard second class postage. Contact Lesley Simpson for more details.
We also have copies of all these items for sale. Sterling cheques should be made payable to The Margery Allingham Society and sent to Lesley Simpson. All prices are in UK pounds. If you’d like to pay in other currencies, contact Lesley Simpson for means to pay.
Price including postage UK Europe Rest of World
The Adventures of Margery Allingham by Julia Jones 12.50 14.50 17.50
Campion's Career by Barry Pike 7.50 9.50 13.00
Margery Allingham: 100 Years of a Great Mystery Writer. Hardback 18.00 21.50 27.50
Margery Allingham: 100 Years of a Great Mystery Writer. Paperback 16.00 19.00 24.00
The Albert Memorial 6.50 7.50 9.00
A Bottle Street Miscellany 6.50 7.50 8.00
Magersfontein Lugg: A Celebration 5.00 6.00 6.50
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