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No.8 - July 2004

Dear Members,
Welcome to The Glueworks.
Our Chairman and Editor has already apologised for the late arrival of the Bottle Street Gazette and I must add my apologies for the late arrival of this issue of the Glueworks which has similarly been caused by matters outside our control.
Publicity surrounding the Centenary has resulted in an increase in membership which now stands at 120.
We welcome the following new members to the Society and look forward to meeting you during the centenary activities - Mrs Maureen Ballard, Mrs Elizabeth Bentley, Miss Pamela Boyle, Ms Sharon Butt, Mrs Jill Chalmers, Mr Keith Galliford, Ms Judi Geater, Ms Frances Lamb, Ms Sarah Lambeth, Mrs Amy Myers, Mr J.Arthur Norton, Mr John Peach, Mrs Jasmine Simeone, Mrs Christine Simpson, Mr Jonathan Welsh.
Statement of Society Finances
The following statement of the Society's finances has been received from the Treasurer. Financial report at 20 May 2004:
We started 2004 with 7272.54 in the bank. Since then we have paid out 826.11 mainly associated with the centenary year.
Since January we have received 2464.71 of which 1213.20 came from subscriptions; 143.51 from the sale of books and 1108 as payments and deposits for social events. This last figure will be paid out to meet the cost of events in due course.
Taking into account expenses and monies received, the bank balance at the end of April now stands at 8911.14.
Look for the Lady
A serious error has been spotted in the checklist of Margery Allingham's work included in our centenary publication Margery Allingham:100 Years of a Great Mystery Writer and in the catalogue of our touring exhibition. Look to the Lady (Jarrolds, 1931) was omitted from the list of publications where it should appear after Mystery Mile. An errata slip will appear in future editions.
Forthcoming events
There is still time to book for the Autumn Weekend Meeting 2004 which is to be held at Writtle College, Chelmsford over the weekend of September 17 - 20. Writtle College is a partner institution of the University of Essex and is located within a beautiful parkland campus and landscaped gardens 2 miles from the centre of Chelmsford. This is one of the major events of our centenary year and the programme arranged for the weekend will be very special. Our guest speakers include Dr Ronald Blythe - the distinguished East Anglian poet and essayist and author of Akenfield. Crime novelist June Thomson was our guest speaker at Albert Campion's centenary lunch in May 2000. Mrs Thomson's own novels are set in Essex and the regional background she shares with Margery Allingham will be the subject of her talk. Kate Charles, distinguished for her clerical mysteries set in East Anglia has Margery Allingham's approach to good and evil as her theme. Julia Jones (Thorogood), Margery's biographer, is currently reseaching the life and work of Herbert Allingham for a PhD at Roehampton, University of Surrey. Julia will set Margery's own life and career within the history of publishing. Dr Susan Peters will also take up this theme in her paper on Margery Allingham's little known novel Dance of the Years which is based on the Allingham family history. Richard Reynolds, manager and crime specialist of Heffer's Bookshop in Cambridge will look at the changes in publishing and bookselling from the Golden Age of crime fiction until today.
The Allingham exhibition will be on at Chelmsford Museum so there will be an opportunity to see Philip Youngman Carter's original work for Margery Allingham's dust wrappers. Our Chairman, Barry Pike will present an illustrated paper on these during the weekend.
Writtle is, of course, in 'Allingham Country' and we shall visit Tolleshunt D'Arcy where we shall lay a centenary wreath on Margery's grave. We also plan to visit Layer Marney Tower with its Look to the Lady associations. Other social events will include a Campion video, and a new dramatisation of two of Margery Allingham's radio plays. Our member Seona Ford has generously offered to host a special Centenary Supper at her home in nearby Witham.
The total cost of this splendid weekend will be 220 to include the en-suite accommodation and all excursions. Non-residential rate 120. Many of you have already booked and have paid the non-refundable deposit of 35 or the total cost. The final programme will be sent to you in due course and will be posted on the Society website. If you wish to come and have not already booked please get in touch with Marianne and send your deposit. Balance of payment is due by August 31st.
Saturday 6 November 2004 2-30 p.m.
at the Mayfair Public Library, South Audley Street. Dr Susan Rowland will talk about Margery Allingham accompanied by an Albert Campion tea with little pink cakes.
Tuesday 7 December 2004 7 p.m.
at the University Women's Club. Leslie Forbes, society member, crime writer, food writer and broadcaster will present an evening of Margery Allingham and Food in association with the University Women's Club members. Cost around 25 to include supper and wine. If you have not already booked for this do so as soon as possible as places are limited and are much in demand.

Greetings from all at the Glueworks and renewed apologies for the delay in getting this newsletter into the post.

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