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The Bottle Street Gazette

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From 1990 to 1994 Maryell Cleary acted as American Agent for the Society. During that period she produced eleven newsletters / gazettes, numbered independently 1 to 7 for the initial run, but for the later issues alternating numberically with the British editions (in theory at least - there was some confusion).

Second (American) Series: 1992 to 1994

The Margery Allingham Society United States Newssheet

No. 1: March - April 1990

No. 2: Fall 1990

No. 3: Winter 1991

No. 4: Summer 1991

No. 5: Fall 1991

U.S. Journal of The Margery Allingham Society

No. 6: Spring 1992

The Bottle Street Gazette

No. 7: Fall 1992

No. 10: Spring 1993

No. 12: November 1993

No. 14: Spring 1994

No. 15: Fall 1994

Final U.S. Issue: Fall 1995

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