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The Albert Memorial

A 100th Birthday Tribute to MR ALBERT CAMPION

The Albert Memorial

Edited by Roger Johnson & B.A. Pike
Published by the Pyewacket Press for the Margery Allingham Society
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(* indicates a member of the Margery Allingham Society)

*Catherine Aird
Catherine Aird was Chairman of the Crime Writers Association in 1990-91. In 1966 she launched the distinguished career of Inspector C.D. Sloan with The Religious Body. The sixteenth in the series, Stiff News, appeared in 1998.
Margery Allingham
Margery Allingham was one of the foremost detective novelists of the twentieth century. In forty-five years, from 1923 to 1968, she published more than thirty books, many of them featuring her series detective Albert Campion, whose centenary this book commemorates.
*Richard Cheffins
Richard Cheffins is by profession a librarian and by academic training an historian with a special interest in local history and topography. He came late to the work of Margery Allingham, and 'back to front', being introduced first to her last novel, Cargo of Eagles, by a friend who noticed a reference to a 'Richard Cheffins' therein.
Maryell Cleary
Maryell Cleary is a minister of the Unitarian Universalist Church in America. She was for some years the American representative of the Margery Allingham Society and editor of a series of newsletters. She is an authority on the clerical mystery and has contributed regularly to American crime fiction fanzines.
Matthew Coniam
Matthew Coniam is a freelance writer, who won the Tate Gallery-Turner Prize 'Writing About Art' competition in 1998. He is a member of the T.E. Lawrence Society and the Society for the Study of Popular British Cinema. He is working on a book-length study of the films of Michael Winner, in collaboration with the subject.
*Marianne van Hoeven
Marianne is a former tutor librarian, now retired and living in Norfolk, where she continues to enjoy a longstanding enthusiasm for the novel of the interwar years and crime fiction in particular. She is a member of the Dorothy L. Sayers Society, the Hymn Society of Great Britain and the Margery Allingham Society.
*Roger Johnson
Roger is in the long process of writing a commentary on the entire Campion saga. Author, actor and librarian, he has lived most of his life on the edge of Margery Allingham's Essex.
H.R.F. Keating
H.R.F.Keating is the President of the Detection Club. His first detective novel appeared in 1959 and he introduced his chief series detective, Inspector Ganesh Ghote of the Bombay Police in The Perfect Murder in 1964. Both this title and The Murder of the Maharajah (1980) won him the CWA Gold Dagger Award.
Spencer Lodge
Spencer Lodge was born and lives in Yorkshire. Apart from Guinness and chocolate, his great passions are Northern soul music, graphic design and crime fiction.
*Geraldine Perriam
Geraldine is an ex-teacher turned librarian. An M.A. from Monash University, Melbourne, she has published poetry and articles on Golden Age detective fiction and women in education. In her taste for the women writes of Golden Age detective fiction she was influenced by her grandmother and her mother, both keen readers of Margery Allingham and her peers.
*B.A. Pike
B.A. Pike is the author of Campion's Career and a founder-member of the Margery Allingham Society. He contributed the entries on Margery Allingham to The Dictionary of Literary Biography (1989) and The Oxford Companion to Crime and Mystery Writing (1999). He also edits The Bottle Street Gazette.
*Susan Rowland
Susan Rowland teaches English literature at the University of Greenwich. She is the author of From Agatha Christie to Ruth Rendell: British Women Writers in Detective and Crime Fiction, due from MacMillan later this year.
William A.S. Serjeant
William A.S. Serjeant is a Professor of Geological Sciences at the University of Saskatchewan. His writings include a series in CADS on children's books by crime-writers and the notorious Ms Holmes of Baker Street: The Truth about Sherlock, jointly written with C.A. Bradley.He has also published a series of science-fantasy novels, The Perilous Quest of Lyonesse, and articles on geology and folk music.
Philip L. Scowcroft
Philip L. Scowcroft has published thousands of articles on detective fiction and other subjects. His British Light Music: A Personal Gallery of 20th Century Composers (1997) is a pioneer book in its field. He has contributed articles to such works as The Oxford Companion to Crime and Mystery Writing, The Oxford Companion to British Railway History and The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.
*Julia Thorogood
Julia Thorogood has been both a bookseller and publisher (of, among others, a re-issue of The Oaken Heart). She is the author of the standard life of Mr Campion's creator: Margery Allingham: A Biography (1991).

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